Che Sudaka

In 2017, Che Sudaka is going on tour for the 15th time. For the past fifteen years, they have been crossing frontiers and breaking limits, inviting audiences across all five continents with songs under the motto “Bailar pensando!” (“Think while you dance!”) not only to have a cheerful party but to develop social awareness and solidarity. Formed in 2002 in Barcelona, Che Sudaka are known today as a flagship group of “Mestizo Music“ around the globe. Wherever the two Argentinean brothers Leo and Kachafaz and their two Colombian comrades Cheko and Jota appear, their fusion of Cumbia, Ska and Punk guarantees fiesta. Their expressive, socially critical lyrics pull down any ideological or physical frontiers and defend human coexistence against political and media division. So far, the formerly illegal immigrants in Barcelona were invited to festivals in forty countries and have played around 1,500 concerts around the world. Their music stems from South American popular culture and legendary bands like The Clash, Mano Negra and Los Fabulosos Cadillacs. Their trademark is an overflowing energy on stage and an overwhelming presence which incite the audience to dance and to think. However, the band fights being used for political ends, feeling closer to worldwide social grassroots movements which struggle for better life conditions and more influence on political decisions: Power to the people! Che Sudaka is a band with a mission, a band that sees itself as a medium for collective consciousness. Their music is a weapon in a non-violent struggle for a more conscious society. Music becomes a means to an end, the most universally understood language for their messages. By beginning of 2017, the band will release its 7th studio album.