Ognjen Isailović


While driving back from a family dinner, a son wants to use the enclosed space of a car to start an important conversation with his parents. However, the parents do not want to listen, so the son speeds up.

Ognjen Isailović

 Director of Photography
Lazar Radić

 Film Editing
Dragan von Petrović, Ljubodrag Starovlah

 Film School
Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade

Branislav Tomašević, Ognjen Isailović

 Production Company
Faculty of Dramatic Arts/ Brera Studio

Draginja Voganjac, Marko Baćović, Marko Vasiljević


Ognjen Isailović
Director's Biography
Ognjen Isailović

Ognjen Isailović graduated in Film and TV Directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade with an omnibus film October. His short film Golden League participated in more than twenty international film festivals, and among other awards, won the Bronze Egg at the Kustendorf Film Festival. Currently, he is developing his debut feature film Maybe Fish Are Dreaming of Us. Co-drivers is his MA film, supported by Film Centre of Serbia.