Daughter of the Bride

Tamar Rudoy


Tirza lives in a dim and detached reality, when this day comes and forces her out of herself and into her own image in the family portrait. A beauty attendant she meets on her way teaches her how to cover up, and also shows her warmth to come back to.

Timna Rose Perets

 Director of Photography
Ehoud Eitan

 Film Editing
Ofer Pedut, Daphni Leef

Timna Perets and Tamar Rudoy

Timna Rose Perets, Diana Ben-David, Sharon (Shark) De-Mayo, Tamar Fried


Tamar Rudoy
Director's Biography
Tamar Rudoy

Tamar Rudoy was born in Jerusalem in 1984. By 2014, she graduated from Minshar for Art School in Tel Aviv and participated in several film projects. Her graduation short film Capture was screened at a number of international film festivals. She now lives in Tel Aviv and is currently working on a full-length documentary. Her filmography includes Daughter of the Bride (2016), Capture (2014), and Yaor (2013).