Lulu IRL

Tone Ottilie


Lulu is being bullied at her school. The only place she feels secure is on the Internet, where she is also dating Sebastian. Sebastian wants to meet in real life, but Lulu is afraid. Especially when her secret relationship is revealed to the girls bullying her. Lulu suddenly finds it necessary to prove herself – by losing her virginity. But is that the right thing to do? This film is a quirky virtual coming-of-age story that challenges our ideas of when a relationship is “real” and what it means to be sexy.

Tone Ottilie and Arendse Løvind Andersen

 Director of Photography
Kristoffer Engholm Aabo

 Film Editing
Arendse Løvind Andersen

Mille Astrup

 Production Company
Ash Production

Line Hesdam, Adam Ild Rohweder, Maya Kareis Livingstone


Tone Ottilie
Director's Biography
Tone Ottilie

Tone Ottilie is a 21-year-old film maker living in Copenhagen. She started making films at age 12 and has recently made her first larger short film production Lulu IRL. Tone is also interested in documentary film making and is working on several non-fiction projects. In her films Tone strives to provoke and push the norms and stereotypes of gender and sexuality. Her films include Cherrybombs (2013), Twister (2015), and the non-fiction The Romantic Creature (2015).