FR Yugoslavia/2000
Đorđe Milosavljević


On a winter day, in the Serbian countryside, off the beaten tracks and far from the events shaking the world, a young woman and a young man meet. She is a teacher on her way to a remote village to work there, after years of waiting for a job. She is hopeful. He is a taxi driver on an empty train station. He has little work, but this helps him overcome his traumatic war experience and find peace and hope that everything will turn out right. Hard times threaten to ruin their dreams. They meet a man who is as young as they are, but with completely different life goals

Gordan Mihić

 Director of Photography
Zoran Petrović

Film Editing
Marko Glušac

Ivana Mihić

 Production Company
Horizont 2000

Ivana Mihić, Nikola Kojo, Andrej Šepetkovski, Gordan Kičić


Đorđe Milosavljević
Director's Biography
Đorđe Milosavljević
Đorđe Milosavljević was born in 1969 in Ivanjica, Serbia. He graduated from Dramaturgy department at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. He debuted in feature film screenwriting with the 1996 omnibus film Package Tour, and the first movie he directed was Wheels in 1999. Đorđe directed the feature films Mechanism (2000) and Ringeraja (2002). He is one of the most productive Serbian screenwriters. He wrote or co-wrote scripts for fifteen feature films and several television series. He also writes and directs theatre plays and scripts for comic books and he has written two novels.