Republic of Moldova/2016
Lucia Lupu


In a village hit by drought, Dumitru starts a quest for water. Ioana, the girl who accompanies him in this pursuit, is a silent witness of the baseness of people they meet on their way. Instead of this human aridness, Dumitru finds water in the place he least expected it.

Lucia Lupu

 Director of Photography
Nicu Dragan

 Film Editing
Lucia Lupu

 Film School
Chisinau Academy of Theater, Music and Fine Arts

Judith Naudet

 Production Company
French and German Embassies in Moldova

Eugenia Pasat, Tudor Turcanu


Lucia Lupu
Director's Biography
Lucia Lupu

Lucia Lupu graduated from the Chisinau Arts Academy in Film Editing and Directing. She is now working on her master’s degree in Animation. She is part of the Volt team, a group of young filmmakers who want to develop the Moldovan cinematography. She directed and produced a number of short films, music videos and also works in internet advertising, commercial and documentary photography and videography. Her aim is to create a strong community of filmmakers that will bring Moldovan cinematography to a new level.