Michael Alalu


Michael is a 30 year-old playboy enjoying life in Tel Aviv. Everything changes, however, when he finds out about his ex girlfriend’s new relationship. Michael’s festering wounds drive him to absurd lengths to try and win her back.

Michael Alalu

 Director of Photography
Daniel Miller

 Film Editing
Nohar Haseen

Jonathan Doweck and Sol Goodman

 Production Company
Rail Road Media

Michael Alalu, Alma Dishy, Ohad Knoller, Gal Chapsky, Zeev Tene, Esti Kosovitzki


Michael Alalu
Director's Biography
Michael Alalu

Michael Alalu was born in 1981 in Jerusalem. He served in the IDF as a Captain Officer in an elite unit, and completed his studies in cinema at the Sam Spiegel Film School. During this time, he directed the short film How I Killed Rabin, (Best Screenplay and Original Film awards at the Munich Student Filmfest) and Learn to Live, a music video for Danni Sanderson (Best Music Video of Israel 2010). Since graduating, Alalu directed Love Letter For Cinema written by Asi Dayan and has recently begun work on Pepe’s Last Battle, a 70-minute documentary for Channel 8, Israel.