When I Am Dead and Gone

Živojin Pavlović


Janko Bugarski, called Jimmy the Dingy, was forced to leave his temporary work at the construction site. With his girlfriend, Lilica, he sets off into the unknown, with hope for a better tomorrow. There are no vacancies in factories and companies. To get some money, Jimmy steals from some workers at a construction site, and while fleeing from them, the couple parts. Jimmy soon meets a tavern singer, Duška; they become lovers and she teaches him how to sing. His singing is pretty poor, but still good enough to perform at fairs and garrisons. Afterwards, he meets Bojana, a young dentist. He goes to Belgrade with her for a young talents competition.

Ljubiša Kozomara, Gordan Mihić

 Director of Photography
Milorad Jakšić-Fanđo

 Film Editing
Olga Skrigin

Aleksandar Radulović

 Production Company
Filmska Radna Zajednica (FRZ)

Dragan Nikolić,  Ružica Sokić, Neda Spasojević


Živojin Pavlović
Director's Biography
Živojin Pavlović

Živojin Pavlović, director, writer and screenwriter, professor of Screenwriting at the Braća Karić Academy in Belgrade, was born in 1933 in Šabac. He graduated in painting from the Academy of Applied Arts. His career in film started in 1958 at the Kino klub in Belgrade. He was one of the leading authors of the Yugoslav film and Serbian literature of the second half of the 20th century. He was awarded the Silver Bear for Best Director in Berlin, three Big Golden Arenas for Best Film in Pula, two NIN awards for best novel of the year, and Andrić award for best short story. He died in Belgrade in 1998. He made sixteen feature films.