Workshop with Emir Kusturica

After the screening of Kusturica’s film On the Milky Road in the Damned Yard Theatre, the director talked to the Festival guests.

Professor Kusturica said that he made his latest films using the recipes from the past, using a film language typical for the seventies and the eighties of the twentieth century. The filming technology was chosen to correspond to the film locations. The lenses used for shooting, the depth of the field they grasped showed the beauty of the countryside where the filming took place. At the same time, this depth of the field helped the scenery and the characters in the foreground to be defined by the landscape in the background. Professor mentioned the film Landscape With a Woman by Ivan Matić, saying that each shot in On the Milky Road can be described using the title of Matić’s film – as a woman with a landscape.

He then spoke about dedication of both his filming crew and his associates in postproduction saying they wholeheartedly joined in this enterprise, which could be called a “suicide action”. Actress Sloboda Mićalović was also there to talk with the audience alongside Emir Kusturica. The director thanked the actress for her devotion and her readiness to embark on a process with a number of non-professional actors, Kusturica first among all, and pointed out that she played an excellent part.

Sloboda Mićalović said that making On the Milky Road was a great challenge, underlining the physical requirements of her role, but that she was also given a freedom of artistic expression and that Emir Kusturica often allowed things to go in line with internal dynamics. She advised young directors to be brave and give actors this kind of freedom.


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