Kustendorf 2020 Awards Winners

Golden Egg Award went to Bogdan Mureşanu for The Christmas Gift:

An engaging immersion in the intimacy of a family in Bucarest in 1989. An extraordinary, witty, sarcastic portrait of paranoia and stifling fear of living under Causescu’s regime.

Decision of the jury was announced by Paolo Virzi, member of the jury, while the award was handed by special guest of the festival, Italian film actress Micaela Ramazzoti.

Silver Egg Award went to Aliaksei Paluyan for Lake of Happiness

A wonderful cinematic mise-en-scene that reveals a work of a highly talented author. The story of young Jasja, who escapes from an orphanage to eventually come back, shakes us and touches our hearts.

The award was handed by Vladislav Tkachiev, member of the Jury.

Bronze Egg Award went to Ingride Santos for Beef:

The thoughtfull and effective portrait of an intense and tough challenge between a literature teacher and her rebel pupil. A conflict that is also a relationship of love.

The award was handed by Paolo Virzi, member of the Jury.

Michael Amathieu decided that Vilko Filač Award for Best Cinematography winner was Hamad Bagheian for his work in The Other, directed by Samko Brothers. Amathieu’s explanation was as follows:

An extraordinary example of cinematography that supports a narrative vision, in a story perfectly told and set, with authentic characters, strong identity and an original tone.

Special Mention of the Jury Award went to Andrei Hutuleac for Havana, Cuba. Festival Jury said the film is:

Witty and desperate, comic and at times grotesque, played wisely by a talented cast, a night in Bucarest in which lonely people meet on board of a taxi.

The award was handed out by special guest of the festival, Italian comedian Enzo Greggio.

The Most Poetic Film Award, decided by Kustendorf organization team went to Dimitar Kutmanov for The Home Far Away:

For creating a dreamlike world in which everyday objects and mundane actions became powerful expressions of longing and belonging.

The award was given by film actor Miloš Biković, special guest of the festival.