15/1 | 21:00 | Home Far Away

Dimitar Kutmanov


An homage to the city of Plovdiv and the author’s childhood, the film follows a solitary man who wanders around the empty streets of Plovdiv in an attempt to return to his home. Meanwhile, various figures roam the fragmented spaces of the house from his memories. As with every return, what is closest to the heart inevitably remains intangible.

Dimitar Kutmanov

Dimitar Kutmanov

Director of Photography
Dian Zagorchinov

Film Editing
Dimitar Kutmanov

Poli Angelova
Nikolay Todorov
Elena Mosholova

Production Company
Screening Emotions

Yordan Chichkov
Plamena Ivanova
Nadezhda Chausheva
Anna Naydenova
Andrei Mladenov
Dimitar Kutmanov Snr


Bulgaria 2019

Dimitar Kutmanov
Director's Biography
Dimitar Kutmanov

Dimitar Kutmanov was born in 1988 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In 2012 Dimitar earned a BA degree in Film Studies at Anglia Ruskin University with a graduation film called Taste of Water. In 2014 Dimitar completed his MA degree at Screen Academy Scotland. His graduation film Ecce homo was screened at many international festivals and received 4 awards. In 2019 Dimitar made a short film Home Far Away for the KINOPLOVDIV project, created for Plovdiv 2019 - European Capital of Culture. The film’s premiered at 41st Cairo IFF. Dimitar is currently in post-production with his first feature film Lament for the Silent Fool.