25/1 All that’s left

Hugo Salvaire


Henri returns  to see his family after a long absence to visit his mother admitted in a psychiatric clinic. Despite his anxieties, unconsciously transmitted by his mother, Henri decides to get her out of the hospital and take care of her …

Режија / Director:
Hugo Salvaire

Сценарио / Screenplay:
Hugo Salvaire

Директор фотографије / Director of Photography:
Guillaume Epars

Монтажа / Film Editing:
Aliassa El Hamdaoui

Филмска школа / Film School:

Продуцент / Producer:
Alice Vaquerizo

Продукцијска кућа / Production Company:

Улоге / Cast:
Arthur Buyssens, Lula Béry, Louise Manteau

Трајање / Duration:

Hugo Salvaire
Director's Biography
Hugo Salvaire

After a Master degree in International Economics at Paris Dauphine University in 2009, Hugo Salvaire worked for five years in corporate finance between Paris, Madrid and Brussels.

In search of meaning to his life, he decides not to continue in this path all traced to pursue his dreams. He left his job and enrolled in the film school IAD in Belgium which he graduated in 2019 as a film director.

In 2018, his 4th year film Henri was selected in several festivals around the world including festivals in London, Los Angeles and Singapore.

In July 2019, he finished his graduation film All that's left.

His next life goals: to find a producer and make his first feature film.