Italy, Belgium/2023
Edoardo De Angelis


At the beginning of the Second World War, Salvatore Todaro is in command, very much in his own way, of the submarine Cappellini of the Italian Royal Navy.

In October 1940, while sailing in the Atlantic, the silhouette of a merchant ship with its lights off looms in the dark of night. This is the Kabalo, which it would be discovered later, was a Belgian ship, but carrying British weapons and munitions and which suddenly opened fire on the submarine and its Italian crew.

A brief but violent battle ensues which ends when Todaro sinks the merchant ship with cannon fire. And it is at this point that the commander reaches a decision that is destined to make history: to rescue the 26 Belgian survivors, who would otherwise have been condemned to drown in the middle of the ocean, and to disembark them at the nearest safe harbour, as required by the law of the sea. To take them all on board, he is forced to sail on the surface for three days, making himself visible to the enemy, risking his own life and those of his men. When the captain of the Kabalo, disembarking in the bay of Santa Maria in the Azores, asks him why he exposed himself to such a risk by contravening the instructions of his own command, Salvatore Todaro replies with the words that made him a legend: Unlike me, those others don’t have 2,000 years on civilisation behind them.

Режија / Director
Edoardo De Angelis

Сценарио / Screenplay
Edoardo De Angelis
Sandro Veronesi

Директор фотографије / Director of Photography
Ferran Paredes

Монтажа / Film Editing
Lorenzo Peluso

Продуцент / Producer
Edoardo De Angelis
Attilio De Razza
Nicola Giuliano
Pierpaolo Verga

 Продукцијска кућа / Production Company
Indigo Film
O' Groove
Tramp Ltd.
Wise Pictures
Rai Cinema

Улоге / Cast
Pierfrancesco Favino
Johan Heldenbergh
Massimiliano Rossi

Трајање / Duration

Edoardo De Angelis
Director's Biography
Edoardo De Angelis

Edoardo De Angelis is a director, screenwriter and producer, born in Naples in 1978. Before discovering cinema, he was an overweight ballet dancer, a rapper, a talentless actor and painter, a poet cursed only by himself, and a water polo player. Then, at the age of 19, he discovered cinema and made his first short films in the abandoned quarries and countryside of Caserta. After graduating from Rome Film School, he made his debut with Mozzarella Stories (2011), followed by Perez (2014). The film that brought him fame is Indivisible (2016), the story of two Siamese twins who, thanks to their gift of bel canto, manage to feed their whole family. Presented at the Venice Days of the Venice Film Festival, it won the Pasinetti Prize for Best Film and a special mention for the twins Angela Fontana and Marianna Fontana making their debut, as well as 6 David di Donatellos, 6 Silver Ribbons, 1 Italian Golden Globe, 8 Golden Ciaks and 50 other awards worldwide. This was followed by The Vice of Hope (2018), working alongside his wife Pina Turco, which earned him, among others, the Audience Award at the Rome Film Festival, Best Director and Best Actress at the Tokyo International Festival, a David di Donatello, three Silver Ribbons and three Golden Ciaks. His book of the film with the same name was published by Mondadori. In 2020, he directed an acclaimed Tosca for the San Carlo Theatre in Naples, and shot the film Natale in Casa Cupiello for RAI, based on Eduardo De Filippo’s masterpiece of the same name, with Sergio Castellitto and Marina Confalone. In 2021 he shot two more films for RAI based on the works of Eduardo De Filippo, Non ti pago, with Sergio Castellitto and Maria Pia Calzone, and Saturday, Sunday and Monday with Sergio Castellitto and Fabrizia Sacchi. In 2022 he filmed the series produced by Fandango for Netflix The Lying Life of Adults based on the novel of the same name by Elena Ferrante. The cast includes Valeria Golino, Alessandro Preziosi, Pina Turco and Giordana Marengo. In autumn 2023, the book Comandante will be published, a novelisation of his film of the same name, co-written with Sandro Veronesi got published by Bompiani.