Lemon Tree

Rachel Walden


At a Halloween carnival, a young father steals a magician’s rabbit to impress his ten year old son. The thrill of the petty theft quickly dissolves into reality when the young boy is tasked with getting himself, his father, and his new pet home safe.

Режија / Director:
Rachel Walden

Сценарио / Screenplay:
Rachel Walden

Директор фотографије / Director of Photography:
Hunter Zimny

Монтажа / Film Editing:
Luca Balser

Продуценти / Producers:
Luca Balser, Pauline Chalamet

Продукцијска кућа / Production Company:
Gummy Films

Улоге / Cast:
Jordan Thomas Alexander, Emily Costantino, Leyla Nuritova, Charlie Chaspooley Robinson, Gordon Rocks

Трајање / Duration: 17’

Rachel Walden
Director's Biography
Rachel Walden

Rachel Walden is a director/producer from Atlanta, Georgia, recently named by Filmmaker Magazine as one of 2023's 25 New Faces of Independent Film. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York where she runs the independent production company Gummy Films with co-founders Pauline Chalamet and Luca Balser. Her most recent short film Lemon Tree premiered at Cannnes Directors' Fortnight.