Savva Dolomanov


When boarding a train the Boy meets the Girl. He is immediately fascinated by her and watches her during the whole ride. He becomes a witness to a burdensome moment in which the Girl is sexually harassed by two incoming strangers. The Boy would love to help her out, but gets overwhelmed by fear and doesn’t step in. The two young people then meet each other at the station and what follows is a glimpse of an elusive yet vivid relationship. It starts as a game for Him but He slowly realizes that this game has a dark side of domestic violence – that the Girl is a victim of. In the end, the Boy faces Her dominant father but most importantly, He comes to a point in which he faces his fears.

Режија / Director:
Savva Dolomanov

Сценарио / Screenplay:
Savva Dolomanov

Директор фотографије / Director of Photography:
Kryštof Čížek

Монтажа / Film Editing:
Sebastian Kučkovský

Продуценти / Producers:
Ellyn Černochová

Филмска школа / Film School:

Улоге / Cast:
Nikola Janković, Leona Skleničková, Roman Vejdovec

Трајање / Duration: 18’

Savva Dolomanov
Director's Biography
Savva Dolomanov

Savva Dolomanov is a film director, screenwriter and editor living in Prague. He has been studying film editing at the Film Academy in Prague FAMU since 2018. His works include: short film Untitled Bloody Project (Lift off sessions, Blacksphere festival, Famufest), Quiet Drive (Linea D`ombra Film Festival) and Silhouette (Marienbad Film Festival, Bosporus Film Festival, Kustendorf Film Festival). Now Savva is preparing his next short film There Is No Place for Depression.