Violet Country

Mikhail Gorobchuk


Little girl Stesha lives in a country house. She is isolated from the outside world and immersed in the world of games and fantasies. Her drawings reflect the inner world – the image of Paradise, which slips away as she grows up.

Режија / Director:
Mikhail Gorobchuk

Сценарио / Screenplay:
Mikhail Gorobchuk

Директор фотографије / Director of Photography:
Mikhail Gorobchuk

Монтажа / Film Editing:
Mikhail Gorobchuk

Продуценти / Producers:
Ekaterina Vizgalova, Irina Kalinina

Продукцијска кућа / Production Company:

Улоге / Cast:
Stesha Gorobchuk

Трајање / Duration: 16’30’’’

Mikhail Gorobchuk
Director's Biography
Mikhail Gorobchuk

Mikhail Gorobchuk was born on 4. june 1988 in Novokuznetsk, Russia. In 2010 graduated from Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK), the Faculty of Cinematography. In 2007 he received the President’s Grant for Talented Youth. In 2013 he received the National Award in the field of documentary film and television Laurel Branch in the category Best professional cinematographer.