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Awards of the Fifteenth Kustendorf Handed

The 15th Kustendorf International Film and Music Festival Kustendorf has ended with the awards and closing ceremony in The Damned Yard Theatre. The official Kustendorf awards were handed to the winners as decided by the jury.

Veronica Echegui received special mention for Totem Loba, for delivering a powerful story in a very mature cinematic language. 

The winner of this year’s Vilko Filač award for best cinematography is Pablo Serret de Ena, for the film Useless Opera Singers that he also directed. The award was decided by Ivan Šijak, who also announced it, saying: The author of this film takes the audience on a philosophical journey through his camera work, which makes his film stand out from the rest. 

Bronze Egg Award was then given to Vanja Victor Kabir Tognola for Danzamatta. Mariam Abu Ouf announced the decision, saying that the film was awarded for being able to effectively tell an impactful story in five minutes. Out of the many beautiful films we enjoyed in this festival, this film stood out as the one that stuck most successfully to the short film format while leaving us to think about it with a big smile.

Silver Egg Award went to Jannis Alexander Kiefer for Good German Work/Colleagues. Brigitta Portier handed the award, describitng the film as the one that  tells a story subtly and takes the audience on an unprecedented journey while gradually revealing different aspects of the whole picture that leaves a huge impact. Also for succeeding in making us laugh about one of the most sensitive political and human issues in history.

The main award, the Golden Egg, was given to Igor Tzoy and Andrey Zamoskovny, co-directors of Clear Sky. Dušan Milić announced the award, saying: Every aspect of this film was perfect. The story, the camera work and the acting all worked together to form this nostalgic yet sarcastic piece of art.