6/5 | 24:00 | Jovan Maljoković

Jovan Maljoković is a famous Serbian jazz saxophone player, composer and arranger. His Balkan Salsa Band has existed for almost fifteen years, representing Serbia at many festivals throughout Europe and Cuba. In the last few years they have performed at Rottweil Jazz Festival (Germany), Festivals of Cultures in Luxembourg and Vienna, Django Reinhardt International Jazz Festival in Samois and Montreux Jazz Festival, among many others.

Maljoković is the founder and art director of one of the most important festivals in Serbia – Valjevo Jazz Fest. This festival is known for hosting top domestic jazz artists.

From the very beginning, as a composer, arranger and player, Maljoković has used Balkan folk music for his jazz compositions. With ten album releases so far he is one of the most prolific jazz authors from Serbia. His distinguishable musical style is a fine blend of jazz and traditional styles.

Ethno music is a precious way of communication among various cultures. It is an opportunity for people all over the world to understand one another much better. As every region has its special cuisine, it also has its special musical salsa, said Maljoković in an interview. Maybe you won’t like it – it could be too sweet, too bitter or too hot for you… still, if you are a little bit curious, you have to taste it.

 Maljoković has played his saxophone on numerous albums of Serbian pop and rock musicians, including Zdravko Čolić, Bijelo Dugme, Vampiri, Piloti… He was a soloist in the orchestra of Goran Bregović for four years, during which he toured major European music venues.

He composed a number of theatre and television musical scores.