One Second

9/5 | 17:00 | One Second

Zhang Yimou


China during the Cultural Revolution. A prisoner escapes from a labor camp. He risks everything in his search for a stolen film reel in which his long-lost daughter appears – for one second. Soon he encounters the thief, an orphaned girl haunted by her own terrible loss.

Режија / Director
Zhang Yimou

Сценарио / Screenplay
Zhang Yimou

По роману / Based on the novel by
Geling Yan

Директор фотографије / Director of Photography
Zhao Xiaoding

Монтажа / Film Editing
Yuan Du

Продуценти / Producers
Ping Dong
William Kong
Liwei Pang
Shaokun Xiang

Улоге / Cast
Yi Zhang
Haocun Liu
Wei Fan

Трајање / Duration

Кина  2021 / China 2021

Zhang Yimou
Director's Biography
Zhang Yimou
Zhang Yimou is a winner of numerous international awards and one of the most important and influential filmmakers from China. Core member of China’s Fifth Generation film directors, Zhang Yimou started his career as a cinematographer and later became a director in 1987. His directorial debut, Red Sorghum (1987), won the Golden Bear Award in Berlin. He went on to receive numerous top honors, including: Silver Lion at the Venice International Film Festival for Raise the Red Lantern (1991), Golden Lion at the same festival for The Story of Qiu Ju (1992), Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes International Film Festival for To Live (1994), Golden Lion for Not One Less (1999), Silver Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival for The Road Home (1999) and the Alfred Bauer Prize at the same festival for Hero (2003). Zhang Yimou’s box office hit House of Flying Daggers (2004) was the recipient of multiple international awards as well as BAFTA and Golden Globe nominations for Best Foreign Film. Zhang Yimou was the first Chinese filmmaker to receive Motion Picture Academy recognition, having been nominated for the Best Foreign Film Academy Award three times. Recent years have seen Zhang Yimou directing big-budget films such as The Flowers of War (2011) and The Great Wall (2016), wuxia epic Shadows (2018), but also mastering new realms of creativity, directing spectacular opening and closing ceremonies of both Summer Olympic Games and Winter Olympic Games held in Beijing in 2008 and 2022. With One Second master director returns to international festival circuit  with his personal homage to the redemptive power of cinema.