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Andrey Zamoskovny | Igor Tsoy


After a fight with a classmate, Maxim comes home and starts to plot his revenge when suddenly he sees something on television which he decides to record.

Режија / Directors
Andrey Zamoskovny
Igor Tsoy

Сценарио / Screenplay
Andrey Zamoskovny
Igor Tsoy

Директор фотографије / Director of Photography
Vsevolod Ledovski

Монтажа / Film Editing
Andrey Zamoskovny
Igor Tsoy

Филмска школа / Film School
Moscow School of New Cinema

Продуцент / Producer
Grigory Sobolev

Улоге / Cast
Vladimir Lositsky
Alexandr Shamaev
Artem Baybikov
Yulia Semina
Stanislav Skakun

Трајање / Duration

Русија 2021 /  Russia 2021

Andrey Zamoskovny | Igor Tsoy
Director's Biography
Andrey Zamoskovny | Igor Tsoy
Andrey Zamoskovny  
Was born in 1989 in Moscow. In 2015 he graduated from the Humanitarian Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting (GITR) and studied Directing at the Moscow School of New Cinema (MSNC). He has been in the television and film industry since 2012, where he worked both on-site and in post-production. As a VFX specialist, he participated in such large projects as Flight Crew (2016), He is a Dragon (2015), The Last Minister (2020) and The Superdeep (2020). Currently works as a screenwriter and director in documentary and advertising projects on freelance basis.

Igor Tsoy
Born in 1988, Taldy-Kurgan town, Kazakhstan. In 2009 graduated from the Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Civil Engineering. For six years had been working as a design engineer. In 2015 enrolled in the Moscow School of New Cinema, the workshop of Dmitry Mamuliya. In 2019 graduated with a diploma film Recruit which premiered at Moscow IFF and then participated at several European film festivals. In 2020 the film was released on MediaZona — media focused on human rights, judicial, law enforcement and penal system in Russia.