Love Stories On The Move

9/5 | 21:00 | Love Stories On The Move

Carina-Gabriela Dașoveanu


A 36-year-old taxi driver Lili is trying to save her marriage with Dani, an amateur fisherman. Her car rides put Lili in front of several love stories really different from her own.

Режија / Director
Carina-Gabriela Dașoveanu

Сценарио / Screenplay
Carina-Gabriela Dașoveanu

Директор фотографије / Director of Photography
Stefan Aghitoaie

Монтажа / Film Editing
Paul Sima

Филмска школа / Film School
National University of Theatre and Film I. L. Caragiale

Продуцент / Producer
Carina-Gabriela Dașoveanu

Улоге / Cast
Ion Arcudeanu
Alina Florescu
Ilinca Harnut
Catalina Mihai
Andi Vasluianu

Трајање / Duration

 Румунија  2021 /  Romania 2021

Carina-Gabriela Dașoveanu
Director's Biography
Carina-Gabriela Dașoveanu
Born in 1998 în Ramnicu Valcea, Romania. Even from her childhood, she was very much into the world of theatre. She participated in San Remo World Creativity Festival and won various prizes in national theatre competitions, both as an actor and as a director. She was admitted to the National University of Theatre and Film I. L. Caragiale (UNATC), Bucharest, Faculty of Theatre and Film; Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, and five other top film universities in the UK. She graduated from UNATC. Her graduation film Love Stories on the Move was selected to Cannes, Cinefondation and won Third Prize. At present, Carina is studying for her Master’s Degree in Film Directing also at UNATC (Laurentiu Damian’s class).