The Elephant in the Mall

8/5 | 21:00 | The Elephant in the Mall

Ziv Mamon


Tamara dreams of becoming a singer, but in the meantime she’s babysitting. When Tamara comes to pick up a kid from kindergarten, she finds out that one of his friends’ dad is a famous singer. She invites them on a playdate at the shopping center’s elephant slide, planning on having the famous dad listen to some of her songs sketches. It doesn’t really work as planned – who would want to listen to a babysitter’s songs at the playground,

Режија / Director
Ziv Mamon

Сценарио / Screenplay
Ziv Mamon
Rona Segal

Директор фотографије / Director of Photography
Ziv Berkovich

Монтажа / Film Editing
Maya Kenig

Продуценти / Producers
Stav Morag Meron

Улоге / Cast
Naomi Levov
Gilad Kahana
Yoav Bar-Zackay
David Groisman
Noam Leader
Jonni Zicoltz
Leo Granit

Трајање / Duration

Израел  2021 / Israel 2021

Ziv Mamon
Director's Biography
Ziv Mamon
Ziv Mamon is a graduate of the film studies program at Minshar. Her final project, the short film "Last Round," debuted in local and international film festivals, and has won several awards. She has directed television shows including "Tomorrow is Saturday," "In the Closet," and "diy", as well as several commercials. In 2019, she directed the short film "Sofie" with the support of the New Foundation, In 2020 she directed the short films "I Would Come Back" And "The Elephant In The Mall" with the support of the Gesher Foundation. She is currently developing and co-writing a television show with Rona Segal.