Useless Opera Singers

7/5 | 21:00 | Useless Opera Singers

Pablo Serret de Ena


An unknown force pushes a man to embark on an expedition to the high Arctic, a place of extraordinary characteristics. In his quest of “measuring North”, a peculiar set of measurement tools will try to help him understand that force. In its limits is where he may find the answer. Between an introspective adventure and the poetry of the absurd.

Режија / Director
Pablo Serret de Ena

Сценарио / Screenplay
Pablo Serret de Ena

Директор фотографије / Director of Photography
Pablo Serret de Ena

Монтажа / Film Editing
Pablo Serret de Ena

Продуценти / Producers
Pablo Serret de Ena

Улоге / Cast
Pablo Serret de Ena
Sarah Gerats
Emma Hoette
Benjamín Cáceres
Ludo Mathijssen
Alwin Bootsman
Tim Bürgler

Трајање / Duration

Данска  2021 /  Denmark 2021

Pablo Serret de Ena
Director's Biography
Pablo Serret de Ena
Born in Madrid, currently based in Copenhagen. Pablo is the son of a social worker and a mathematician. It is with his father that he discovers photography at an early age, his first great love. Later on came the video, and the music and basically any means that served him as an alibi to channel a deeply vital and free way of seeing. Mostly interested in the direct relationship of human behavior with its environment, from the exploration, margins and error. In his extensive artistic career he has had the opportunity to present his work in multiple formats in more than twenty countries. He is currently working on his next audiovisual projects that include a particular interpretation of Jorn Utzon's work and a tropical sci-fi film.